(ICDP Brasov)

      Science, tradition and implementation in the management of Romania's pastoral patrimony.
      The Research-Development Institute for Grasslands Brasov coordinates at national level the Research Program Grassland Cultivation, a complex, multidisciplinary program, taking into account the diversity of species, stationary area conditions and the multifunctional role of these areas.
      Within its profile, it carries out activities that include basic fundamental research, necessary to increase the level of knowledge in the field, the applied research with high impact on the system of production and utilization of grass fodder and the activity aimed at innovation in permanent and temporary grasslands.
      The institute provides scientific and technical information to the specialists and farmers involved in management of grasslands with an area of 4, 9 million hectares.
      Also, it actively participates with proposals in the development of strategies and in the achievement of the scientific and technological objectives included within the National, Sectoral and Structural Programs of scientific research and technological development.